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The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu provides a range of health services in association with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health.

Health Services provided by the church are open and available to all Vanuatu people, or Ni-Vans, with services coordinated mostly from the head office in Port Vila where a well equipped eye care and dental clinic has been established next to the Paton Memorial Church (PMC).

The Secretary, and day-to-day manager of PCV Health, is Richard Tatwin, with the overall structure of program illustrated below:

PCV Health Org Chart

PCV Health operates an EyeCare and Dental Clinic in Port Vila, and EyeCare Clinic in Luganville and an EyeCare Clinic in Lenakel.

PCV Health has the following staff to provide its services:

4 Eye Care workers
2 Dental Care Workers
1 Community Health Worker
x Korvan Health Educators

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